It's time for your representative to put your community first, to take on issues that benefit you, and is someone who is not controlled by special interests. Vipan will prioritize the issues that matter to you, because he’s here to work for you!

Public Education

Vipan has spent his entire academic career in Assembly District 20. He was enrolled for K-12 in the New Haven Unified School District, and pursued a higher education at Chabot Community College, and California State University - East Bay for a degree in Accounting & Finance.

He is fully vested in improving and funding our existing academic institutions. Vipan believes in making schools more community oriented, so that there is a greater value for taxpayers. Potential measures will be to host community events at school halls, and sports facilities can be made available for use by the public. This will transform schools into a central part of the community, and the inclusion of more services will bring in additional revenue to the districts.

Vipan’s goals are to: 

  • Prioritize and Increase public education funding for K-12 schools. This will go towards additional resources for our students, create smaller class sizes, and provide proper compensation for our educators.
  • Implement subsidized before/after school, and Pre-K programs to assist in easing the high costs of childcare, while also bringing in additional revenue to our schools.
  • Ensure proper legislative oversight on predatory lending for student debt.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

California has a large rate of incarceration; many are for crimes that would currently not hold the same penalty. Vipan believes in examining prior violations and reconsidering sentences. 

Vipan’s goals are to: 

  • Eliminate private prisons, justice should not be privatized, nor should it be for corporate profit.
  • Decriminalize drug use, drug addiction and use should be treated as a public health issue, with resources for rehabilitation.
  • Increase funding for emergency response and essential services in local communities (i.e. police, fire, and EMT).


Land is one of the most valuable resources we have, because we only have a finite amount of it. We must find a healthy balance between having adequate open space for parks and natural habitats, housing, and office space. When we do this, it will go a long way towards correcting the job-housing imbalance our district faces.

California is in a deep housing crisis, and we need to implement measures to sustain our increasing population with minimal ecological impact. Vipan will propose revisiting building codes to see how we can build more vertically around transit centers. He also supports leaner restrictions on house dwellings and additions.

Vipan will push for local governments to work with developers on affordable housing. This will allow them to build incremental units above what is previously permitted, which can then be allocated for low income units. Vipan will also urge priority in affordable housing for local individuals.

Political Reform

Our system has been built by politicians who are looking to keep their place in office. This practice must end, because we need a system that welcomes candidates who are dedicated to serving their constituents instead of special interests.

Vipan’s goals are to: 

  • Expand public election financing in order to support corporate and special Interest free candidates.
  • Easier accessibility for conditional voting at any polling station.
  • Introduce legislation to require a higher degree of independence between officeholders and their corporate contributors.


Farming is an integral component of California’s economy, and the food it produces feeds us all. Farmers receive less than 15 cents for every dollar spent on food expenditures in the US. To correct this inequity, Vipan supports legislation to aid small farm operations over larger industrial centers that put profit over worker’s rights and ethical, sustainable food production.


As someone that has been in and out of the hospital and doctor’s offices his entire life, Vipan knows firsthand how essential preventative and general care is for our wellbeing. Healthcare should no longer be a debated issue, and we need a system to provide all citizens of California with access to affordable healthcare options. Currently, Medi-Cal provide services for the most at-risk individuals, while private Insurance companies take on the actuarially profitable clients, Vipan supports opening up Medi-Cal for public buy-in, to help fund the system, and lower thresholds for greater coverage. Vipan supports maintaining private insurance. 

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